Contest Rules

KDRP Contest Rules

1. Participants in a KDRP promotion resulting in a prize or award must be 18 years or older to win unless otherwise specified. Satisfactory proof of identification and age must be presented before claiming a prize.
2. A person cannot enter on behalf of another person.
3. There may only be one winner of any KDRP promotion per household during a 30- day period.
4. KDRP and affiliated stations are not responsible for lost or delayed mail, for telephone or fax equipment failures, or for e-mail or Internet system malfunctions causing a contestant to lose or delay the chance to participate.
5. Employees of KDRP, KDRP affiliates or volunteers, Board Members, persons involved with providing the prize or award, the immediate families of such employees, volunteers, and persons, and employees of any TV-Radio-Print-Social Media-Advertising or Public Relations media company within the Austin or San Antonio DMA are not eligible to participate or win. (A volunteer is defined as someone who works over 40 hours a year for KDRP and or a KDRP affiliated station)
6. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes associated with winning the prize. Winners will need to sign a W-9 form, provided by KDRP, before receiving any prizes valued at over $600.
7. Participants must be U.S. citizens for those prizes of a value of $600 or greater value unless otherwise specified.
8. Prizes have no cash equivalent and are not transferable.
9. KDRP reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar value in its sole discretion either before or after a winner has been selected.
10. KDRP management will decide any questions concerning the interpretation of rules governing the promotion and the administration of the promotion, and such decisions shall be in the sole discretion of KDRP and or KDRP affiliates and are final.
11. The promotion rules may be amended at any time by KDRP management without prior notice. However, all changes will be filed at the radio station, published on the stations’ website at and effective as of that date.
12. In the case of a tie, KDRP reserves the right to choose the winner by any method it deems appropriate in its sole discretion.
13. KDRP reserves the right to reject or discard any incomplete or confusing entry and any entry not submitted in accordance with promotion rules.
14. No promotion, promotion rules or explanations thereof shall be construed or implemented in any way which violates applicable laws and regulations, including FCC rules and regulations.
15. Participants will not have any expectation of privacy concerning the information submitted or the announcement of winners. KDRP reserves the right to use such information for any purpose as KDRP and or KDRP affiliates appropriate.
16. Submission of an entry or response shall constitute acceptance of the promotion rules and a waiver of any and all claims against KDRP and the KDRP affiliates, employees, board members, volunteers, underwriters and vendors.
17. If you win a contest and opt to pick up your prize, you must do so within 30 days or you forfeit the prize.
18. No purchase or donation necessary to enter. In cases where KDRP Solar panel members are given exclusive promotion opportunities as a reward for their loyalty, alternative registration will be provided for those listeners who are not members.
19. If prize(s) in promotion contain any alcoholic content, participants must be 21+ years old in order to win.