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Across The Pond with Ed Miller

Sundays at 4pm on KDRP.org

Across The Pond with Ed Miller – Sunday at 4pm on KDRP and KDRP.org

Tune in Sundays at 4pm CT for Across The Pond with Ed Miller at it’s new home on the original Sun Radio station KDRP 103.1FM, streaming online KDRP.org and on the KDRP channel in the Sun Radio app!


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About Ed Miller

A native of Edinburgh, Ed Miller first came to the USA for “a year or so” to do graduate work at the University of Texas. Now, over 40 years later, he is still based in Austin and travels throughout North America entertaining and educating audiences with his wonderful songs and droll stories.

For the past 20 years, he has expanded his activities into leading folksong-based tours to Scotland to meet the singers and hear the songs “on location.”(see the ‘Folksong Tours’ section of his web page) Ed is probably best known in Austin as the longtime host of “Folkways” on KUT-FM. He first DJ’d a late night folk show in the early 1970’s, which later became a Saturday morning Austin institution.

In 2009, “Folkways” became a largely American folk music show allowing Ed to concentrate his knowledge of Irish, Scottish & English music in a new program, “Across the Water.” Ed’s contribution to Sun Radio’s underlying “roots” focus will be a show that musically crisscrosses the Atlantic, showing how much American music grew from Celtic and British origins, took root in this country and developed in different forms which in turn have flowed back to the Isles to influence singers and musicians there. All this and a lot more on KDRP’s “Across the Pond.”


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